Power Area Graduate Seminars

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Spring 2013 ‌‌

Seminars in Spring 2013 will be normally held at noon on Mondays in 104 EECH.

New Sensorless, Efficient Optimized and Stabilized V/f Control for PMSM Machines, presented April 22, 2013, by Hesam Jafari.

A Tutorial on RTDS (Real Time Digital Simulator), presented April 15, 2013, by Tamal Paul and Md. Rasheduzzaman.

Improving the Dynamic Response of a Flying-Capacitor Three-Level Buck Converter, presented April 1, 2013, by Bhanu Prashant Baddipadiga.

Modeling and Control of a Grid Connected VSI using a delta connected LCL Filter, presented March 18, 2013, by Sangin Lee

Two Short Talks, presented February 11, 2013, by Amshumaan Kashyap and Poria Fajri

Multiple Reference Frame Theory for Harmonic Compensation via Doubly Fed Induction Generators (DFIG), presented February 4, 2013, by Omkar Ghatpande; noon, 104 EECH