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Transportation Electrification

Education Intro, part A

In response to the growing consumption of petroleum by the private and transportation sectors, the Advanced Electric Drive Vehicle Education Program requested funding to enhance and speed the development, manufacturing, and deployment of electric vehicles in the US together with support for educational program of the industry nationwide. This funding initiative enabled the Missouri University of Science & Technology (S&T) to establish educational and workforce training programs on advanced electric-drive vehicle (EDV) technologies. S&T's education partners include the University of Central Missouri (UCM), Linn State Technical College (LSTC), and the St. Louis Science Center (SLSC).

Dr. Mehdi Ferdowsi, associate professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is the principal investigator for the project and Angela Rolufs, director of the Missouri Transportation Institute & the Institute for Environmental Excellence is the project coordinator.  These strong partnerships will create a unique opportunity to advance the science of advanced electric-drive vehicles while creating new jobs in the State of Missouri.

Missouri S&T developed a new undergraduate minor in advanced automotive technology to prepare students for careers in the emerging fields that will develop advanced vehicles (collaboration between the Electrical Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and Engineering Management disciplines).  The new graduate certificate program is designed for practicing engineers.  It is crafted to re-train the existing automotive workforce to educate them about advanced electric-drive vehicles.  Other activities include:

  • An undergraduate certificate program for non-degree seeking individuals (UCM/S&T)
  • Non-degree safety awareness training certification programs (UCM/S&T)
  • An associate of applied science degree option for technicians to manufacture and work with EDVs (LSTC/S&T)
  • A technical certificate in advanced EDV maintenance for mechanics (LSTC/S&T)
  • Educating the public to promote consumer awareness and public engagement (SLSC/S&T)

Smith Electric Vehicles, U.S. Corp. (SEV-US) of Kansas City, MO is Missouri S&T's original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner on the grant and will provide vehicle data and equipment to assist Missouri S&T and partners in the development of education and training programs.  Kokam America, Inc. of Lee's Summit, MO is the battery supplier to Smith Electric Vehicle and is also providing, data, support, and equipment to the Missouri S&T team for use in curriculum development.