Lab Facilities


Missouri S&T undergraduates in the power lab now have more space and access to industry-standard equipment due to a $100,000 donation from St. Louis-based Nidec Motor Corp. The power lab, used by both electric machines and power systems classes, benefits from this upgrade. Nidec, a long-time industry partner, has also funded an endowed scholarship and the senior design lab. The company, which manufactures a wide range of motors, made the power-lab donation in 2018.

Equipment rack that includes three Fluke 4485A Digital Multi-meters, a Yokagawa WT333E power meter, a Nidec M751 Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), a 3-phase 208V Variac, a Magnapower DC power supply, and 3-phase 208Vac power.  The rack also includes several test points to measure experiment setup voltages and currents, and twist lock connectors for interconnecting the measurement and source hardware with the experiment hardware.

PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine) and DC motor dynamometer set.


Labview program for controlling the various power supplies, VFD and capturing data from the meters and oscilloscope

Tenma 72-2710 DC power supply, BK Precision 8540 DC Electronic Load, and BK Precision Function Generator.

Tektronix TBS Series oscilloscope

Labvolt Project rack with 3-Phase Transmission Line, 3-Phase Transformer, 3-Phase Regulating Autotransformer, 3-Phase Resistive load, 3-Phase Capacitive load, and Synchronous Moter/Generator equipment.